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MicroChoice ® Plant Health Promoter

All of our MicroChoice ® specialty ingredients are available in customizable formulations for your company to use in combination with other ingredients into your own unique final product.

MicroChoice ® PHP


A highly concentrated dry blend of bacterial spores specially selected to promote healthy plant growth and improve soil quality.

MicroChoice® PHP - Plant Health Promoter Summary (full details available in PDF above)

Years of research and development yielded the proprietary formulation for our Plant Health Promoter. PHP microbes cycle the nutrients found in the soil and solubilize minerals, making them more available for the plant. The microbes colonize the plant, and help to feed the plant, all while promoting its growth. By incorporating multiple strains with complimentary activities, we have built all of these attributes into a single product formulated for plant health promotion.


For additional information on MicroSynergies® cultures, products, and contract fermentation, please contact us.

MicroChoice ® PHP Specifications


Guaranteed Minimum Bacterial Concentration:           

50 Billion CFU/g



  • Lawns and other grasses

  • Bedding Plants

  • Vegetables

  • Row crops


Product Profile:

Multiple Bacillus Species

  • Naturally occurring, non-engineered

  • Aerobes and facultative anaerobes

  • Positive chemotaxis

  • Stabilized bacterial spores



Dry, tan, free-flowing powder.


Effective pH Range:

5.0 – 10.0


Effective Temperature Range:

12°C - 40°C (54°F - 104°F)


Shelf Life:

One year at 21°C (70°F)


Standard Packaging:

Available in 50, 100, and 200 pound poly-lined fiber drums.


Custom Products:

Contact us for alternative formulations and additional applications.


Storage and Handling:

Store in a cool, dry location.

Application Rates:

Broadcast                                Grams/Acre

High Rate                                          86

Low Rate                                           30


Drip and In-Furrow                  g/1000’ Row

High Rate                                          5

Low Rate                                           1.75


Seed Coat                                g/3,000 Seeds

 6.75 E5/Seed


* The information herein is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge; however, this product information sheet is not to be considered as a guarantee expressed or implied, or as a condition of sale of this product.

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