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“MicroSynergies provides great customer service and always comes through with our microbial culture needs. We really appreciate the hard work and dedication to keep our business running smoothly.”

- Alex in Wisconsin

Our informative Bug Book is "the definitive guide to more than you ever wanted to know about the commercial applications of microorganisms."

We cover topics from scientific research, technical analysis, and microbial industries to regulatory, pricing, and marketing.

If you're interested in learning more about what we have to offer, request your digital or physical copy today!

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MORE species.

MORE knowledge.

MORE market access.

MORE secure supply chain.

MORE dedication to your long-term goals.                 


                                                                   MORE than just microbes.                 


                                                             MORE of a partner than you'd expect.

MicroSynergies is located in the heart of the “Silicon Valley” of bacteria... Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “Cream City” as it’s known (a name we get from the light-colored brick that has been a staple of our city’s architecture since the early 1800s) is home to the largest concentration of world-class microbial manufacturers, startups, and related industry services in the world.

We’re proud to call Milwaukee our home.


Because we’re located at the center of it all, we’re able to provide access to a combination of more species, strains, knowledge, and service than any other company in the world.